Religious Life

    Under the pastoral guidance of its ministers, the ecclesiastic community of Siculiana, during its liturgical year lives deep moments of spirituality.
    The cult practices stimulate the presence of visitors especially during the Christmas festivities, the Holy Week and above all during the week of celebration in honour of SS. Crocifisso.

    The Christmas Novena has a singular charm when the town is embellished by its traditional local mangers staged by the faithfuls of each neighbourhood. Even the live Nativity scene in the Sanctuary is a reason for attraction as is the solemn arrival of the Wise Men to the manger scene in the Sanctuary during the Epiphany.

    Of particular religious interest is the Holy Week, characterised, besides the ceremonies in the church, by its different manifestations outdoors. Among the things not to be missed are: the recalling of the Triumphal Entry of Jesus in Jerusalem (Palm Sunday) and the Joyful Meeting of the Saints with the Risen Christ (Easter Sunday). Every detail is jointly planned by the Confraternities of the Risen Christ, St. Michael the Arch Angel, St. John the Evangelist, St. Peter the Apostle and Mary Magdalene in collaboration with the Confraternity of the Ecce Homo and Our lady of Sorrows.

    The feast of the SS. Crocifisso begins on the 30th of April and ends on the 3rd of May. During this event the worshippers will flock the Sanctuary to pledge their vows at the feet of the miraculous Christ. Due to the massive presence of faithfuls, an efficient reception party is set up, under the direction of the Confraternity of Mercy, to receive the crowds. These devotional pilgrimages also take place during the month of May and on the 3rd day of every other month while solemn celebrations are observed on the 14th of September in praise of the Holy Cross and on all Fridays of Lent.

    The Sanctuary is also a favourite site for those engaged to be married, for wedding anniversaries, for parents who celebrate their children's baptism, and for the faithfuls who wish to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation.

    Tonino Casatuto